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The World’s Fastest Prototypes

That may seem like a bold claim,  but we have a track record of backing it up! At Vulcan Information Packaging, now a NAPCO company, we understand the value of delivering fully functional prototypes to our customers as quickly as possible.  We do it before anyone else in our industry can!

Before placing an order, customers want to see, touch and feel the actual product. In most cases, our samples and prototypes are 95% true to final production.

Early on, our founder, Rocky Proffit realized the value of getting a sample to customers as quickly as possible,  so he refined our process to produce samples of the highest quality.  Then he put a system in place to  make and ship those samples in as little as 24 hours. Our prototypes are made to the exact specifications, materials, components, and print of the final product. This gives customers the assurance of  knowing exactly what their final product will look and feel like.

Contact us today, give us your design ideas, sizes, artwork and specifications. Even if all you have is a thumbnail sketch on a napkin, we can design, create and deliver a working prototype for you faster than anyone else.


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