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Your Leading Game Manufacturer Brings Playing Card Manufacturing In-House

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Introducing the Rollem Slipstream Card Splitting System

Playing Card Manufacturing

NAPCO  |  Vulcan Information Packaging, manufacturer of packaging, kits, cases, looseleaf binders and game board products, announces the installation of the Rollem MK2 Slipstream, a state-of-the-art, high-speed slitting and card collating system for production of casino-quality playing card decks, trading cards and game cards.

The Rollem MK2 Slipstream can slit and trim, (bi-directionally), collate, stack, round corner, box and wrap inline. Its automated process yields 2,200 decks per hour or up to 250,000 decks per week with +/- 0.1 mm margin of accuracy, sheet after sheet.

Rocky Proffit, CEO of NAPCO; the M2K enhances our ability to offer turn- key solutions for the game industry. This combined with our in-house structural design, high speed automated game board and box lines provides our customers speed to market for product launches and peak period delivery.

NAPCO  |  Vulcan Information Packaging has specialized in turnkey packaging and ring binder solutions since 1947. We produce game boards and game packaging for leading board game manufacturers. The company also produces rigid packaging, ring binder products and sales kits for the for some of the largest cosmetic, entertainment, education and manufacturing industries.


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