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NAPCO Acquires Vulcan Information Packaging
A message from Rocky Proffit – Founder and CEO of NAPCO

It is my pleasure today to share the exciting news that we have acquired the assets of Vulcan Information Packaging in Vincent, Alabama.  Vulcan will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of NAPCO in their current facility.

The combined companies will employ over 200 people and occupy over 220K square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. A proven national sales force of 21 professionals will allow our combined companies to achieve substantial revenue growth as well.

The cultures and values of our companies are almost identical. We share a history of being
customer focused and employee centered. Both companies have many talented employees with 20, 30 & 40 plus years of service.

Combining this expertise and loyalty will only strengthen the level of service and responsiveness we can bring to our customers and prospects.

By focusing on the strengths of the entire organization we will continue to grow and prosper while offering career growth opportunities for our employees and being good corporate citizens in our respective communities.

In addition, this substantially broadens the product lines and service available for customers of both companies.

Thank you for allowing me to share this great news with you.


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