Located just outside Birmingham, in Vincent, Alabama, Vulcan Information Packaging (now known as NAPCO Alabama) is proud to be an American-based production plant that provides jobs, opportunity, and support for our local community.

The production capabilities we have at our facility are vast; from hand-crafted pieces, to high-speed, automated production. We embrace new technology and innovative methods of manufacturing to produce high-quality, custom packaging products.

Building upon our mission statement, which is, ” To serve every customer with respect and commitment to their total satisfaction. To build a team of innovators through empowerment, while remaining a leader in the packaging and binder industry”, our primary focus is to always deliver superior product with excellent service to each customer, every time.

With you, our customer in mind, we strive to reflect our core values of quality, integrity, efficiency, innovation, and collaboration in everything we do each day we come together as a team, to produce the best product we can for you.

Vulcan (NAPCO) is “Lean”. In 2014, we embraced the Lean Manufacturing System of identifying and eliminating waste, improving productivity, and adding value to every product throughout our manufacturing process. In doing so, we can not only offer better pricing to our customers, but quicker delivery and superior quality products.



We are here to help you find the best printing method for your product design, material type and graphic design. With so many different printing options available, this can be a very confusing task. Your own personal sales representative will guide you through choosing the right printing method, including Offset Litho, Digital, Foil Stamp, Foil Stamp Deboss/Emboss or Blind Deboss/Emboss. Choosing the right combination is crucial to producing a quality product at the right price. Depending on your product, material and graphic design, we offer these forms of decorating.


•    Offset Litho
•    Digital
•    Foil Stamp
•    Deboss/Emboss
•    Blind Deboss/Emboss


Product Design & Engineering


Our in-house design and engineering team is here to help you design the best package for your product. Send us samples or sizes of your product and your ideas. We will design the perfect packaging and produce pre-production samples for you to see.


Cutting & Die-Cutting


Our Cutting and Die-Cutting department boasts capabilities few can match. With our Beck Sheeters, Slitters, Board Routers, Flat Cutters, Specialty Die-Cutters, we are equipped to handle any cutting job from rolls or sheets. All in-house.


Ultrasonic & RF Welding


From binders to pockets, pouches and boxes we are equipped to efficiently hand any volume, from a single binder to 1,000,000. Machinery includes RF welding turntables, multi-station Fiab Rotomatics, to state-of-the art Widmann High Speed Ultrasonic Sealing machines capable of producing 46 binders per minute.


Hand Crafted Casing


When it comes to attention to detail, our hand casemaking lines are unmatched in the industry. Every box or packaging coming through our lines is individually hand crafted and inspected at every stage, ensuring the highest quality possible.


High Speed Turned Edge Casemaking


For higher volumes, our high speed Crathern automatic casing lines can run up to 1,400 casings per hour off each machine.


Riveting and Grommets

For packaging and specialty products requiring rivets and grommets, we have special machinery for inserting pull hole grommets in high speed and volume, including Punch Presses. For riveting, Chicago single and double head Riveting Machines for low volume and high speed Hang Riveting Machines for large quantities.




NAPCO Alabama boasts more than 40,000 square feet of dedicated warehousing space, allowing you to produce large jobs in a single, cost-effective run. With storage for up to 12 months, your projects can be released in stages or on an as-needed basis. Our computerized inventory and fulfillment services let you know how much is currently in stock. Our fulfillment capabilities ensure your project and packaging not only gets out on time, but also gets where it needs to go.


120 Trojan Avenue

Sparta, North Carolina  28675


Call 1.800.854.8621


Business Hours: Mon - Fri  8AM to 5PM

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